We offer the most reasonable rental rates in Los Angeles. All quoted prices will include full insurance coverage and all taxes.


    We are just 1.4 miles from LAX and offer airport pick up and drop off services for most rentals.


    We offer delivery service for monthly rentals which are within a 10 mile radius of LAX.


    We are an independently owned rental agency that offer customized and personalized service to all our customers.

Before Booking

What is the cancellation policy for bookings?

Notice of Cancellation is required 48 hours prior to your scheduled reservation pick up time. No penalty for cancellations made 48 hours before reservation pick up time and are eligible for a full refund to your original payment method.

There will be a 1 day charge for reservations not used and not cancelled.

What are the mileage limitations? Can I purchase unlimited mileage?

There is UNLIMITED Mileage for all Elita vehicles except for Convertibles & Mini Coopers. Mileage allowances for Convertibles & Mini Coopers are: 200 free miles/day, 700 free miles/ week and 1500 free miles/month and on all rentals geographical restrictions still apply.

Additional miles are charged at 0.69 usd/mile.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Drivers must be 21 years old or older.
A surcharge of 20 usd/day will be applied for drivers 21-24 years old.

How do I modify my reservation dates/times?

Please reach out to Elita team through email [email protected] or phone +1 323 484 4242 if you need to modify your trip details.

Can I book a car with a foreign/international driver’s license?

Yes. Please also email a photo of your passport to [email protected] and physically have your license during the pick up.

Is there any Geographic Restrictions? Is one-way rentals allowed?

Only CA, NV & AZ states are allowed.

No Canada or Mexico allowed.

Also unfortunately no one-way is allowed.

Can I bring pets in the Rental Vehicle?

We as Elita are pet-friendly and your pets are welcome; however, excessive shedding or odors will result with an additional $250 of excess cleaning fee.

What are the pick up offers? Is there a waiting Grace time?

Pick up offer is only for LAX.

For waiting grace time, there is a 1 hour waiting limit for unannounced delays. After this time reservation will be cancelled and a No-Show fee equivalent to 1 day rental fee plus all applicable taxes will be charged.

It is the responsbility of the renter to call and inform Elita of delays and/or to update the pick up time to avoid the No-Show fee.

Which payment Methods are accepted? Is there any Deposit Required?

Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Amex are accepted payment methods.

A Deposit of 300 usd is required for every rental with a current boarding pass. It will be 500 usd if you do not have a current boarding pass.

Do you offer car seats for children?

Yes, we do offer car seats for children. Children seats cost 10 usd/day.

How much am I liable for without any damage waiver?

In the unfortunate case that something should happen to the car, you are liable to cover damages up to the value of the car so we do recommend to get a Collision damage waiver. CDW/LDW purchase is 14.99 usd/day.

What is the Insurance Policy? What kind of Insurance can I get?

Insurance outside U.S is not accepted. California Law requires all drivers to have state legal level of Liability Insurance while using a Motor Vehicle. Renter must have a proof of liability insurance at the time of rental.

Supplemental Liability Insurance-SLI offers coverage for 3rd Party Auto Claims for the difference between the RLP provided by renters own personal policy or RLP purchased.

SLI purchase is 11.95 usd/day.

The renter is responsible for all damage to the rental vehicle. Collison Damage Waiver CDW/LDW allows renter to not to be held financially responsible fort he damage or loss to the rental vehicle when used in accordance with terms of Rental Agreement.

CDW/LDW purchase is 14.99 usd/day

PAI/PEC Personal Accident Insurance (for health issues) & Personal effects Coverage (for valuables) purchase is 5.95 usd/day

How do I add an additional driver? How many can I add?

You can add additional driver during reservation process or before your trip begins via email by adding the driver’s documentation to your booking.

Please note, the additional drivers must also meet the age requirement to be added to your booking and also must have a valid US or international driver’s license.

All drivers must be added before the trip begins and must be present for vehicle delivery.

Number of additional drivers allowed is 1 and surcharge is 10 usd/day.

When can I book my rental car and when will it be ready for pick up?

We need a minimum of 2 hours prior to your desired pick up time.

Elita operates from 8.00 AM – 18.00 PM,  and there is also self-drop off options after the Office hours.

Can I return my vehicle at a different location than my pick up?

Unfortunately not. Return must be back to the pick up location but there is possibility to make self-dropoff after the Office hours which is 8.00 am-18.00 pm.

During Booking

What happens if I get a flat tire, damaged window or someone breaks into the car?

With your rental , Elita provides a Roadside assistance/RA with a fixed price of 2.99 usd/day. For Flat tire, out of fuel, towing problems you can contact the RA .

For damage to the vehicle we suggest you invest a Collison Damage Waiver CDW/LDW with a purchase of 14.99 usd/day and for your valuables in the car a PAI/PEC Personal accident insurance (for health issues) & Personal Effects ( for valuables) purchase 5.95 usd/day.

What happens if I lose my keys or lock them in my car?

With your rental , Elita provides a Roadside assistance/RA with a fixed price of 2.99 usd/day. For losing your key & car towing problems you can contact the RA .

Lost/Missing/Damaged Key has a 500 USD Penalty.

Can I return my Rental earlier than planned?

Yes, You can request an earlier return before your original scheduled return. Please contact our team via email [email protected] or via phone +1 323 484 4242. The Office hours of Elita is 8.00 m-18.00 pm but there is self drop-off options as well.

Can I extend my trip?

Yes, you may extend your trip but just let us know at least 2 hours before your original scheduled return. Extensions made within 2 hours of your return will cause an extra fee of 25 usd.

How do I get documents to prove that I have rented the car?

When we deliver you the rental vehicle, you will get a digital Rental Agreement Contract to sign. With this rental contract you can prove that you are the official renter of the vehicle.

What is the Cleaning Policy?

All vehicles are expected to be returned in the same clean condition as they were rented and the below fees may be charged:


Dog/Cat/Pet hair & odor cleaning fee            250 usd

Sand Removal Fee      50-300 usd depending on severity.

Smoking Fee               350 usd

Cleaning Fee               20-200 usd depending on severity.

Cigarette Burn Fee     250 usd

Torn Seat/Upholstert/Floor Matt        250 usd

Child Seat Cleaning Fee                     50 usd

How do I pay for Tolls?

Your vehicle will be equipped with FastTrak or E-ZPass linked to the vehicle license plate, all you need to do is drive through the electronic toll lane.

After Booking

What about parking violations?

Renter is responsible for all parking tickets during rental of the vehicle. If these are not paid before returning the car, all the cost will be passed to the renter.

What about Improper Return?

If customer returns the car improperly resulting incovenience an Improper Return fee may be charged.

If the car is returned without any information or at the incorrect parking, with a lost parking card or garage ticket, lights are left on or any other instance where a customer returns a car negligently and/or improperly, an Improper return fee of 50 usd will be charged.

What do I do if I forget something in the Car? Do you have a lost and found?

No worries, we may have found it. Please contact our team via email [email protected] or via phone +1 323 484 4242 and we will see if we can find your lost item. We do not ship lost items but we can help coordinate how you get it back.